What hairstyle will you choose for your wedding day? If you are asking yourself this question, it is that you probably need a little inspiration in terms of looks for future brides. And you’re in luck because that’s precisely the subject of this publication.What simple wedding hairstyle for my special day?When it comes to wedding hairstyles, the choice is not easy, because today, there are a lot of interesting ways to wear your hair for this important event. In this photo gallery, we have bet on simple wedding hairstyle. And we paid particular attention to two types of looks, those with semi-attached hair and those with side hair.

Simple wedding hairstyle semi-hair-ties-curls

So if you are looking for an interesting simple Bridal Hair idea, we invite you to take a look at the pictures below. They contain lots of inspiring examples that could seduce you. Simple wedding hairstyle ideas with semi attached side hair

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To get started, let’s take a look at the simple wedding hairstyle ideas with side hair. They seduce us because they have a certain romantic aspect, especially when they are worn with loose or semi-attached hair.

Simple wedding hairstyle long hair curls

And in fact, curly or wavy hair worn sideways is arguably one of the most popular bridal hairstyles. And this is not only the case today because the variants of this simple wedding hairstyle have always fascinated future brides.

Blonde wedding hairstyles

Such a hairstyle can be done very easily and without a lot of headache. In fact, you could even do it alone or with the help of a friend. This is an important advantage for those who want to be in charge of their hairstyles and their wedding makeup. The hairstyle with semi-attached side hair is suitable for all hair lengths


And then, let’s not forget that this is a very elegant hairstyle. The proof? It can easily adapt to even the most formal weddings and occasions. But, at the same time, this kind of simple wedding hairstyle remains very natural and very authentic. So, you could also wear it during a bohemian style ceremony or by the sea.

Hairsemities wedding hairstyle

Another interesting advantage of this simple wedding hairstyle is that it is suitable for both girls with medium long hair and those with long manes. This is what makes it really versatile and very popular. And, if that was not enough, let’s also add that if you have locks, the effect of this hairstyle will be even more spectacular.

  • Another aspect of this simple wedding hairstyle that makes it so coveted is that it goes very well with all kinds of jewelry and accessories for bridal hair. For example, you could wear it with a jewel decorated with pearls, with a floral crown or with a tiara.

And, as you will see in our selection of images, this simple wedding hairstyle would also suit those who want a chic look, adorned only with fresh flowers. The simple wedding hairstyle ideas with braids and ponytails.